Class zebkit.ui.tree.DefEditors <zebkit.ui.tree>

Default tree editor provider

zebkit.ui.tree.DefEditors ( )

public <Boolean> @shouldStartEdit (src, e)

The method is called to ask if the given input event should trigger an tree component item

Returns: <Boolean>

true if the event should trigger edition of a tree component item

public <Object> fetchEditedValue (src, editor)

Fetch a model item from the given UI editor component

Returns: <Object>

an new tree model element value fetched from the given UI editor component

public <zebkit.ui.Panel> getEditor (src, item)

Get an UI component to edit the given tree model element

Returns: <zebkit.ui.Panel>

an editor UI component

private <zebkit.ui.TextField> tf

Internal component that are designed as default editor component