Interface zebkit.ui.grid.StrippedRows <zebkit.ui.grid>

Stripped rows interface to extend a grid view provider.

 var grid = new zebkit.ui.grid.Grid([ ... ]);

 // Make grid rows stripped with blue and green colors
     oddView : "blue",
     evenView: "green"

public <String | zebkit.draw.View> getCellColor (grid, row, col)

Get a cell view.

  • grid <zebkit.ui.grid.Grid>


  • row <Integer>

    a cell row

  • col <Integer>

    a cell column

Returns: <String | zebkit.draw.View>

a color or view

public <String | zebkit.draw.View> evenView

Even rows view or color

public <String | zebkit.draw.View> oddView

Odd rows view or color