Class zebkit.ui.event.KeyEvent
extends <zebkit.Event>

Input key event class.

zebkit.ui.event.KeyEvent ( )

public <Boolean> getModifierState (m)

Get the given modifier key state. The following modifier key codes are supported: "Meta", "Control", "Shift", "Alt".

  • m <String>

    a modifier key code

Returns: <Boolean>

true if the modifier key state is pressed.

Inherited attributes:
public Object source   

public <Boolean> altKey

Boolean that shows state of ALT key.

public <Strung> code

A code of a pressed key

public <Boolean> ctrlKey

Boolean that shows state of CTRL key.

public <String> device

Input device type. Can be for instance "keyboard", vkeyboard" (virtual keyboard)

public <String> key

A pressed key

public <Boolean> metaKey

Boolean that shows state of META key.

public <Number> repeat

Repeat counter

public <Boolean> shiftKey

Boolean that shows state of SHIFT key.

public <Number> timeStamp

Time stamp