extends <zebkit.draw.View>

A designer border view. The border view visually indicates areas of border with different size possibilities. The border logically split area around a component to number of predefined areas such as: "center", "bottom", "right", "left", "topRight", "topLeft", "bottomLeft", "bottomRight", "none". See illustration below:

 |topLeft|-----------| top |-------------|topRight|
     |                                        |
     |                                        |
 |  left |            center             |  right |
     |                                        |
     |                                        |
Constructor: ([color], [gap])

  • [color] <String>

    a bordar color

  • [gap] <Integer>

    a bordar gap

protected <String> detectAt (target, x, y)

Detect area type by the given location of the given component

  • target <zebkit.ui.Panel>

    a target component

  • x <Integer>

    a x coordinate

  • y <Integer>

    an y coordinate

Returns: <String>

a detected area type

public <String> color

Border color

public <Number> gap

Border gap.