Class zebkit.ui.Progress
extends <zebkit.ui.Panel>

Progress bar UI component class.

zebkit.ui.Progress ([orient])

  • [orient] <String>

    an orientation of the progress bar. Use "vertical" or "horizontal" as the parameter value

public void setBarSize (w, h)
public void setBarView (v)
public void setGap (g)
public void setMaxValue (m)
public void setOrientation (o)
public void setValue (p)

Inherited methods:
$setConstraints(c)    add(constr, d)    byConstraints([p], c)    byPath(path, [cb])    calcPreferredSize(target)    doLayout( )    fire(name, [path], [params])    focused( )    getBottom( )    getCanvas( )    getComponentAt(x, y)    getHorPadding( )    getLeft( )    getPreferredSize( )    getRight( )    getTop( )    getVerPadding( )    hasFocus( )    indexOf(c)    insert(i, constr, d)    invalidate( )    invalidateLayout( )    kidAdded(index, constr, l)    kidRemoved(i, l)    laidout( )    load(JSON)    off([eventName], [path], [cb])    on([eventName], [path], cb)    paintComponent(g)    paintViewAt(g, ax, ay, v)    properties([path], props)    property([path], name, value)    recalc( )    relocated(px, py)    remove(c)    removeAll( )    removeAt(i)    removeByConstraints(ctr)    removeMe([after])    repaint([x], [y], [w], [h])    replaceMe([ctr], c)    requestFocus( )    requestFocusIn([timeout])    resized(pw, ph)    setAt(i, d)    setBackground(v)    setBorder([v])    setBorderLayout([gap])    setBottomPadding(bottom)    setBounds(x, y, w, h)    setByConstraints(constr, c)    setConstraints(ctr)    setEnabled(b)    setFlowLayout([ax], [ay], [dir], [gap])    setId(id)    setKids(a)    setLayout(m)    setLeftPadding(left)    setListLayout([ax], [gap])    setLocation(xx, yy)    setPadding(v)    setParent(o)    setPreferredSize(w, h)    setProperties([path], props)    setRasterLayout([usePsSize])    setRightPadding(right)    setSize(w, h)    setStackLayout([gap])    setTopPadding(top)    setVisible(b)    toBack( )    toFront( )    toPreferredHeight( )    toPreferredSize( )    toPreferredWidth( )    toView(target)    validate( )    validateMetric( )    vrp( )   

public chainable setBarSize (w, h)

Set the progress bar element size

  • w <Integer>

    a element width

  • h <Integer>

    a element height

public chainable setBarView (v)

Set the progress bar element element view

public chainable setGap (g)

Set the given gap between progress bar element elements

  • g <Integer>

    a gap

public chainable setMaxValue (m)

Set maximal integer value the progress bar value can rich

  • m <Integer>

    a maximal value the progress bar value can rich

public chainable setOrientation (o)

Set the progress bar orientation

  • o <String>

    an orientation: "vertical" or "horizontal"

public chainable setValue (p)

Set the current progress bar value

  • p <Integer>

    a progress bar

Inherited attributes:
public zebkit.draw.View bg    public zebkit.draw.View border    public Boolean canHaveFocus    public Object constraints    public Integer height    public Boolean isEnabled    public Boolean isValid    public Boolean isVisible    public Array kids    public zebkit.layout.Layout layout    public zebkit.layout.Layoutable parent    public Integer width    public Integer x    public Integer y   

public <Integer> barHeight

Progress bar element height

public <String | zebkit.draw.View> barView

Bar element view

public <Integer> barWidth

Progress bar element width

public <Integer> gap

Gap between bar elements

public <Integer> maxValue

Progress bar maximal value

public <String> orient

Progress bar orientation

public <Integer> value

Progress bar value


Fired when a progress bar value has been updated

progress.on(function(src, oldValue) {

  • src <zebkit.ui.Progress>

    a progress bar that triggers the event

  • oldValue <Integer>

    a progress bar previous value