Interface zebkit.ui.FocusableComposite <zebkit.ui>

Composite focusable interface. the interface adds support for focus marker view and anchor focus component.

public void setCanHaveFocus (b)

Says if the component can hold focus or not

  • b <Boolean>

    true if the component can gain focus

public chainable setFocusAnchorComponent (c)

Set the specified children component to be used as focus marker view anchor component. Anchor component is a component over that the focus marker view is painted.

public chainable setFocusMarkerView (c)

Set the view that has to be rendered as focus marker when the component gains focus.

  • c <String | zebkit.draw.View | Function>

    a view. The view can be a color or border string code or view or an implementation of zebkit.draw.View "paint(g,x,y,w,h,t)" method.

public <Boolean> canHaveFocus

Indicates if the component can have focus

public <Boolean> catchInput

Indicates this composite component can make its children components event transparent.

public <zebkit.ui.Panel> focusComponent

Component that has to be used as focus indicator anchor

public <Number> focusMarkerGaps

Focus marker verical and horizontal gaps.

public <zebkit.ui.Panel> focusMarkerView

Reference to an anchor focus marker component