Class zebkit.layout.Constraints <zebkit.layout>

Grid layout manager constraints. Constraints says how a component has to be placed in grid layout virtual cell. The constraints specifies vertical and horizontal alignments, a virtual cell paddings, etc.

zebkit.layout.Constraints ([ax], [ay], [p])

  • [ax] <Integer>

    a horizontal alignment

  • [ay] <Integer>

    a vertical alignment

  • [p] <Integer>

    a cell padding

public chainable setPadding (p)

Set all four paddings (top, left, bottom, right) to the given value

  • p <Integer>

    a padding

public chainable setPadding (t, l, b, r)

Set top, left, bottom, right paddings

  • t <Integer>

    a top padding

  • l <Integer>

    a left padding

  • b <Integer>

    a bottom padding

  • r <Integer>

    a right padding

public <String> ax

Horizontal alignment

public <String> ay

Vertical alignment

public <Integer> bottom

Bottom cell padding

public <Integer> left

Left cell padding

public <Integer> right

Right cell padding

public <Integer> top

Top cell padding