Class zebkit.draw.ViewSet
extends <zebkit.draw.CompositeView>

ViewSet view. The view set is a special view container that includes number of views accessible by a key and allows only one view be active in a particular time. Active is view that has to be rendered. The view set can be used to store number of decorative elements where only one can be rendered depending from an UI component state.

zebkit.draw.ViewSet (views)

  • views <Object>

    object that represents views instances that have to be included in the ViewSet

public <Boolean> activate (id)

Activate the given view from the given set.

  • id <String>

    a key of a view from the set to be activated. Pass null to make current view to undefined state

Returns: <Boolean>

true if new view has been activated, false otherwise

Inherited attributes:
private Integer bottom    private Integer left    private Integer right    private Integer top   

public <View> activeView

Active in the set view

public <Object> views /* Overwritten from views */

Views set