Class zebkit.draw.Render
extends <zebkit.draw.View>

Render class extends "zebkit.draw.View" class with a notion of target object. Render stores reference to a target that the render knows how to visualize. Basically Render is an object visualizer. For instance, developer can implement text, image and so other objects visualizers.

zebkit.draw.Render (target)

  • target <Object>

    a target object to be visualized with the render

public <Object> getValue ( )

Get as rendered object.

Returns: <Object>

a rendered object

public chainable setValue (o)

Set the given target object. The method triggers "valueWasChanged(oldTarget, newTarget)" execution if the method is declared. Implement the method if you need to track a target object updating.

  • o <Object>

    a target object to be visualized

public <Object> target

Target object to be visualized